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About this Destination

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa. This city offers a multicultural, complex, and contrasting city sure to capture a piece of your heart. Spectacular vistas and world-class beaches surround a city that enjoys delightful weather, year-round. Here you can find some of the friendliest people in Africa sharing their history, acclaimed wine region, spirit for adventure, and so much more.

The land of adventure, the only Remote Year city where you can hike a mountain and jump in the ocean all before starting your work day. Dramatic cliffs diving into the water, creative and delicious food, beautiful cafes, busting startup and entrepreneurial scene, diverse cultures, wild animals, breathtaking sunsets and...PENGUINS! If you are looking for a burst of inspiration you will find it in Cape Town.

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The Experience

All of the best bundled into one month. Our most inclusive program yet. RY Destinations includes everything you need to be productive professionally while also experiencing everything Cape Town has to offer. From the day you sign up RY Staff will be there to support and make this an experience of a lifetime. 

Accommodations, workspace, transport upon arrival, must-do activities and recommendations, will all be provided.  The only big logistical decisions you’ll have to make are which mountain you want to hike in the morning before work and what you’ll be eating for breakfast afterwards. Did we mention you’ll also have an inspiring community of 20-30 people you’ll get to share this experience with?  That’s the best part.

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Work & Live

Where you'll live and work for the month.

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📍 Neighborhood & Accommodations

Our accommodations in Cape Town are located in areas with a good balance of comfort, safety, and excitement. They range from 1-4 bedroom apartments or houses and are very walkable to the workspace as well as cafes, restaurants, shops, and so much more.

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💻 Workspace

Cape Town is full of amazing cafes and co-working to get your work done. As a Destination participant you'll have 24/7 access to the Remote Year workspace. The workspace will be less than a 30 minute walk from your apartment surrounded by places to get food or explore during your lunch break.

Cost & What's Included

All of the best bundled into one month. Our most inclusive program yet. RY Destinations includes everything you need to be productive professionally while also experiencing everything the city has to offer for a one-time fee paid at the time you reserve your spot.

Private Room Apartments
Private room in an apartment shared with other community members.
24/7 Workspace Access
Stylish co-working space walking distance from your apartment.
Local Experiences
Planned experiences curated by Remote Year local teams.
Community & Events
Social and professional events for your community.
Marketplace Access
$200 credit to our Marketplace to help you customize your experience.
Onsite Staff & Support
A program leader and local teams for any support you need.

And much much more. Check out the full list of inclusions →

Highlights by the Week

Below is a week by week breakdown of some of the experiences you can expect to be included in your Destination calendar. The additional experiences listed are examples of the events you can add to customize your experience. You will also have a $200 credit to spend on our collection of experiences we have curated in the Remote Year marketplace.

Welcome and Walking Tour

RY Local Staff will lead you through an overview of each city and provide you with helpful resources, information, cultural context and everything you will need to make your month amazing! Then, you'll also be given a walking tour around the neighborhood/city to get you quickly oriented in your new home.

Language & Culture Crash Course

Join two of our favorite local vendors in a language and culture crash course so you can start to greet the friendly locals. The three main languages spoken in Cape Town are English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

This Side That Side of Cape Town

Experience Cape Town from more than one angle, starting with a braai in the Redhill Township learning about the specialty food and lifestyle in this area. End at a villa in the Constantia Valley, braaiing with locals, swimming and enjoying the sunset with delicious South African wine.


Now that you have gotten to know a bit more about your community. Dive into the professional side with a loosely structured conference where you’ll be able to informalmally exchange ideas and grow a new skills from the collective knowledge of your community.

Mid Week Peak

Every week, join the local team and fellow community members on a hike to the top of one of Cape Town’s most beautiful mountains. Table Mountain, Devils Peak and Lions Head are just a few of the amazing mountains you will climb.

Jefferson Dinner

Gather with other members of your community around a dinner table to discuss a specific topic chosen for the night. This is a unique way to connect with your community and creates a setting where every individual can share their perspectives.

Stellenbosch Wine Tour

A wine lovers playground, the Stellenbosch region presents travelers with the chance to taste some of the very best wines in the Southern Hemisphere. This 2 day, 1 night experience goes beyond just wine; meet remarkable winemakers, blend your own special bottle of red and be invited into the personal spaces of some inspiring Winelands personalities.

Story Slam

Feel all the feels and burst into laughter as you listen to incredible and thought-provoking stories shared by members of your community, organized around a selected theme.

Cape Town Photo Scavenger Hunt

Split into small groups and put on your competitive game face. You’ll be set off on an adventure to explore the city. Thought you were starting to know everything about Cape Town? Think again, we’ll send you looking for some of the most local items yet. We’re sure you’ll have some instagrammable shots along the way.

Goal Setting & Visioning Workshop

Join a workshop led by the RY team and invest the time to reflect on your experience and set goals for the future. Share and discuss with your community members for inspiration.

Beach Volleyball, the locals game

Join your community members and friends of our local team in a classic game of beach volleyball. After some tough competition, cool off with a jump in the ocean and a beautiful sunset.

Farewell Celebration

During our last week we’ll say goodbye to Cape Town and the community by renting out a bocce garden. We will also share a potluck style dinner. This means bring your own meat/veggies and any friends you made during the month in Cape Town!

Distinctly Africa Safari ($)

Imagine being out in the bush with real live lions, giraffes, elephants and more! You'll feel the intensity from their purring, roaring and mere presence. You'll feel an internal energy ignited by nature and never want to leave. This is not your typical safari. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Penguins in the Cape Point Tour ($)

This is the ultimate half day tour where you'll see magnificent views along the Cape, stop off for some intimate time with the South Africa Penguin and end the afternoon with a traditional Fish 'n Chips meal in Kalk Bay.

Mandela's Friend ($)

Meet a local legend, Christo Brand and hear about his personal relationship with Nelson Mandela. You'll hear intimate stories about Nelson Mandela's life and bond with your community over a delicious chicken curry. This lunch is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don't miss it!

The Community

“You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.” Now what would happen if you were to surround yourself with 30 interesting and inspiring humans, living and working together in a beautiful new setting? This is a Remote Year Community.

We bring together a group of people from different backgrounds, professions and ages all with the same intent of stepping outside their daily life for a bit to  push boundaries and see the world.  Not only will you become fast friends and immediately feel at ease around your people, but you can guarantee this community will inspire new ways of thinking, living, working and much much more.  Who knows maybe a few of them actually live around the corner from you at home but it takes stepping into the unknown and getting on a plane to finally meet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Join? What happens after I apply?

Click Apply anywhere on the website and complete an application by telling us about yourself and what Destination you're interested in. Our team will review your application and be in touch within a week. If we extend an invitation to join a Destination, all you need to do is click on the link in the email, choose your program and submit the payment to reserve your spot.

We recommend reserving your spot as soon as possible! We have very limited space available for our initial programs and the demand is high. Your spot will not be reserved until you submit your payment.

Who joins Destinations by Remote Year? How many people will be in my group?

Remote Year participants span the range of 21-73 and our groups vary between 20-30 people per Destination. We love diversity in our programs and aim to bring together a group of established professionals of all different ages, backgrounds, and industries. When you join, you can expect a group of genuinely awesome human beings who are all seeking the opportunity to live abroad and immerse themselves in a new country and culture with a community of  like minded individuals.

Please note that Destination communities are intentionally a bit smaller than the longer Remote Year work and travel programs. Based on past experience, we believe group size is large enough to experience a diverse group of thought partners and friends, but intimate enough to really get to know each community member on a deeper level.

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